Project Timeline
The Project identifyied skills and knowledge (identified by job descriptions) of health and social care staff alongside reviewing vocational learning and training provision available to the frontline workers. By recognising the required competences within a role, high quality standards were developed and benchmarked accordingly with the intention to safeguard the public against unsafe practitioners and thereby deliver effective health services.  

The diagram below is the Project Plan - devised to represent the series of steps necessary to publish a quality assurance framework. The steps are grouped into 3 phrases:
        • Phase I:   Laying the Foundations
      • Phase II:  The Investigation Period and
      • Phase III  The Development Stage

Each phase roughly correlated to a year and at the end of each year a report was written. This report was submitted to the Department of Health (alongside other documentation) for an annual review and approval to proceed to the next phase.

Project Plan

Phase I: Laying the Foundations

  • Established Steering Committee
  • Recruited volunteers to assist with project initiatives
  • Completed Project Documentation
    •         Project Initiation Document , Workbook, Progress Reports etc
  • Completed Project Management Tools
    •        Risk Assessment Analysis, Gantt charts etc
  • Conducted literature reviews
    •       Researched related projects. Summarised supporting documents
  • Scoped and mapped vocational training and nutrition workforce

Phase II: The Investigation Period

  • Established Stakeholder Advisory Panel
  • Communication and Engagement Strategy
  • Examined and researched vocational education and nutrition related training needs within the workforce (including workforce capacity, career development and mobility as examined in the Project workshop). Exploring gaps and inadequacies in training provision
  • Consultation/feedback period and Review stage
  • Develop and propose outline for quality assurance framework
  • Evaluate the feasibility of recognition (L4/3)

Phase III: The Development Stage

  • Developed nutrition Competencies based on National Occupational Standards alongside Skills for Health
  •  Held engagement sessions amongst stakeholders such as Registered Nutritionists and Health Professionals
  •  Tendered for the Four Month Initiative validating the Workforce Competence Model in nutrition across England
    •       Held Mass Workshops amongst the frontline workforce across England
  •  Liaised with vocational training providers


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