Stakeholders & Partners
The Project required working in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders, including various professional groups in medicine, dietetics, public health, the training and skills sector, the Department of Health as well as those responsible for determining health and social care needs and for commissioning services. By having multiple partnerships many different elements of learning, practice and competency assessment were combined across the health and social care workforce into a single one stop shop platform.

Vocational Bodies
The Project liaised with various vocational bodies and training providers to provide details regarding existing Level 3 and 4 learning packages and module learning outcomes. This information was used to map training standards and examine the skills and knowledge required to complete the course. The Project has met with Leeds Metropolitan University, Open University, National Open College Network, Royal Society for Public Health and the Chartered Institute for Environmental Health.

Employers & Employees
The Project collaborated with Sector Skills Councils including Skills for Health to develop National Occupational Standards competences specific to the target group’s job description and training. The resulting competences were aligned accordingly and used as a benchmark to set standards within the career framework.

Volunteers played an important role in assisting with the projects initiatives, actively participating in the research mapping and scoping tasks. The benefits of volunteering with the Project included:
•   Work experience in Project implementation (under the Third Sector Investment Programme)
•   Increased knowledge and understanding of the nutrition profession
•   Recognition for having actively contributed to a growing professional body dedicated to regulating ethical, scientific and quality standards within nutritional practice   
•   An opportunity to develop or enhance skill set and gain further professional experience.

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