Aims & Objectives

The Project was carried out July 2009- July 2012.  It's aims were to:

Establish mechanisms for recognising workforce competences in nutrition (at all levels of skill) across the health and social care sectors

The Project designed a quality assurance framework (a single coherent platform) to improve the capacity, confidence and competence across the workforce. The quality assurance blueprint (in nutrition) was specifically tailored to build capacity among the frontline nutrition workforce at Levels 3 and 4 by creating categories of recognition. In order to create this framework of recognition, the project explored and investigated standards of competency and practice with the intention to set benchmarks for proficiency and sought to identify the developments necessary for professional support and mentoring.

Success in achieving the project aim made the following outcomes possible:

  • Benchmark and set standards in nutrition to identify high quality standards in training
  • Provide support to the workforce to enhance career progression 
  • Recognise and acknowledge frontline workers, thereby boosting confidence
  • Safeguard the reputation of nutritional practice
  • Streamline recognition into one universal system
  • Ensure safe, accurate and effective advice is available to the public

Through these multiple outcomes the Project made significant progress towards its ultimate goal:

To promote the health and wellbeing, by allowing workers to make a significant contribution to addressing nutrition related health inequalities


Building a Framework in Nutrition


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